USCIS Finalizes Guidance on Signature Requirements
Department of Justice Files Complaint to Denaturalize Diversity Visa Recipient Who Obtained Naturalized Citizenship After Failing to Disclose Two Prior Orders of Removal
WASHINGTON ? The Department of Justice yesterday filed a complaint in the Eastern District of Michigan to revoke the naturalized U.S.
USCIS Expands Credit Card Payment Option for Fees
WASHINGTON - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it will now accept credit card payments for filing most of its forms.
Three Individuals Indicted for Visa Fraud Scheme for Profit
USCIS Assisted in Investigation of Defendants who Provided Armenian Nationals with Fake Dance Certificates and Staged Photos in Traditional Costumes to Qualify for P-3 Visa Progr
Peryòd Re-Enskripsyon Louvri Kounye pou Ayisyen ak Estati Pwoteksyon Tanporè
Otorizasyon travay pou Ayisyen ki gen TPS yo pwolonje otomatikman jiska 21 jiyè 2018
USCIS to Take Action to Address Asylum Backlog
Agency Will Focus on Processing Recently Filed Applications
La période de réinscription est maintenant ouverte pour les Haïtiens bénéficiant du statut de protection temporaire
L'autorisation d'emploi pour les Haïtiens avec TPS est automatiquement prolongée jusqu'au 21 juillet 2018
Re-Registration Period Now Open for Haitians with Temporary Protected Status
Employment Authorization for Haitians with TPS Automatically Extended Until July 21, 2018
Re-Registration Period Now Open for Salvadorans with Temporary Protected Status
USCIS partners with Justice Department and Secures First Denaturalization As a Result of Operation Janus
On January 5, Judge Stanley R. Chesler of the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey entered an order revoking the naturalized U.S.
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